Favourite five: Photos I took in 2020

Each year, I make a point of looking back over the photos I took over the past twelve months. I like to see how my photography may have changed throughout the year, maybe even improved. Then I choose my favourite five from the bunch, and share them here with you because, well, what else would I do with them?

I had a tough time choosing just five pictures this year. Part of this was because my photo-taking started out strong in 2020, but I also feel like I’ve come a long way as a photographer over the past few years, and that the quality of my photos is really starting to improve.

I don’t know if you’ll agree with my favourite five, but I hope you’ll at least enjoy looking at them. If nothing else, maybe they’ll provide a short trip down memory lane.

Flower buds growing on a succulent, softly lit by sunlight.

I posted this photo back in April. I still love the way the sun makes the flower buds almost glow, and how softly it lights up the background without pulling attention away from the plant itself.

A white and black rabbit laying on a teal blanket.

Though I don’t post photos of Cookie very often, she’s one of my favourite photo subjects. It can be a challenge, but I always love the personality that comes across when I do manage to capture her on camera. Like the attitude that came out in this photo from back in April.

A small bird sitting in a cluster of branches.

I know this may not be the perfect picture of this bird, from back in May; a lot of people probably would have preferred there not be any branches crossing in front of him (or her?). But I like that they’re there. It feels like I captured him in his own private little spot, despite the obstacles in my way.

The angle of this photo, from back in May, is my favourite thing about it. Add in the lighting, the colours, and the way the focus landed perfectly on the petals alone, and is it any surprise that I ended up adding it to my Print Shop?

I think this is one of the first photos I took after getting my new camera, posted in August. I’m still in love with the way the colours pop, and how crisp those petals look. While I do wish the the centre of the flower had been more in focus, the more I see the photo, the more I like it.

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