Cover reveal: The Forgotten Child, by Melissa Erin Jackson

What is it about children that take a horror or mystery novel and amp the creepy factor up an extra couple of notches? Seriously. Even the child on the cover of this one managed to unsettle me, and that was before I read the summary.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Or ahead of you, at least. It’s just that I couldn’t stop myself from sharing that little tidbit about the cover of Melissa Erin Jackson’s The Forgotten Child. You’ll understand why once you see it, I promise.

And really, you won’t have to wait long. All you have to do is click on through–or scroll down if you’re already here on the blog.

Ready to take a look?

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Add a little parsley

Curly parsley in sunlight

My little container garden is a little iffy right now. The heat has been messing with it, and, well, I’m not sure I’ve been giving it as much water as I should be.

Though my parsley isn’t doing too badly. Cookie certainly seems to be enjoying it–she’s been eating a lot more of it than I have, and she’s always eager to gobble it up. Still, it tends to look a bit wilted in the evenings.

I’m hoping I can bring everything back, though. Things seem to be just on the brink of doing okay. I still have a couple of zucchinis growing, and even some tomatoes. Plus, there are a few new flowers blooming on my strawberry plant.

I may just have some luck with my little garden this year.

Curly parsley in sunlight

Monthly update: August 2018

It’s August and… it’s way too hot. Seriously. You have no idea how much I’m looking forward to Monday, when this heat wave is supposed to break.

Anyway, let’s talk about other things. More specifically, let’s talk about the reason for this post: My monthly update. Sure, it’s a week later than usual, but that’s better than not providing one at all, right?

Well, in my mind it is, at least. So I’m going to go ahead and launch right into things by looking back at July.

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A lump of a bun

A rabbit sitting like a bun

Cookie’s shedding right now, and it makes her look a little… off. Her coat is uneven, though that’s gotten a little better over the past few days. Still, when you combine that with the way she was sitting in this photo–her hips all askew and her head off-centre–it’s hard to not compare her to a bun that came out of the oven looking a little lumpy.

And I swear, I mean that with the utmost affection. I love my little bun.


A white rosebud on a dark background

I don’t have a whole lot to say about this photograph, other than that it came out so much different–and so much better–than I was expecting. I thought, when I took it, I’d get a fairly simple picture of a white rosebud on a dark background.

Somehow, though, the leaves in the back gave me a bit of a swirl effect. The colours blended together wonderfully, adding to that in a beautiful way that I just didn’t anticipate. And that white rosebud jumps right out of everything in the best way possible.

At least, that’s what I see when I look at it, and I love the picture for all of that. I’m not sure that you see the same things I do. Maybe you’re shaking your head right now, thinking that it’s a terrible photograph. Which you have every right to do, of course. I hope, though, that you enjoy it at least a little bit.