Bugging out

A little white bug on a rose leaf

Remember the little rose plant I got a few months ago? Well, let me tell you a story about it.

One day back in, oh, maybe mid-August, I noticed that my little plant needed some water. Being the good plant owner that I am (well, halfway-decent plant owner; I’m not sure I quite know enough about plants to qualify as “good”),  I took it to my kitchen sink to give it a drink. As I was waiting for the water to change from cold to something closer to room temperature, I spotted some tiny bits of white on my plant.

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Strawberries in October

Four small strawberries in a garden pot

This really wasn’t a sight I expected to see on my front porch in October. It’s even more surprising right now, considering we’ve been getting snow nearly every day for the past week.

Based on this weather, though, I doubt I’ll be getting any more than these few. I’m not even sure that these ones will continue to grow, or that the partially ripe one will get any more ripe than it already is. Not that I’m all that concerned about either of those things; I was happy enough just seeing these few berries at this time of year.

Plus, as an extra little bonus, that bright red one was one of the best-tasting strawberries I grew this year.

Add a little parsley

Curly parsley in sunlight

My little container garden is a little iffy right now. The heat has been messing with it, and, well, I’m not sure I’ve been giving it as much water as I should be.

Though my parsley isn’t doing too badly. Cookie certainly seems to be enjoying it–she’s been eating a lot more of it than I have, and she’s always eager to gobble it up. Still, it tends to look a bit wilted in the evenings.

I’m hoping I can bring everything back, though. Things seem to be just on the brink of doing okay. I still have a couple of zucchinis growing, and even some tomatoes. Plus, there are a few new flowers blooming on my strawberry plant.

I may just have some luck with my little garden this year.

Curly parsley in sunlight

Veins of a leaf


I’m going to be honest here: I have no idea how this little plant is still alive. Well, half alive. Some of the stems appear to be dead, but others are flourishing. It’s surprising, considering how seldom I remember to water it.

Regardless, and despite my forgetting to water it, I’m quite happy this little plant is still growing. I like seeing it in my window. It’s like a little bit of springtime, even though we’re on the verge of winter.

Three little drops


I’m attempting to grow some vegetables again this year. And yes, the “attempting” is there on purpose. I’m not great with plants, and last year I didn’t get as much lettuce or as many carrots and strawberries as I was hoping for.

But, I’m not giving up. I’ve just changed tactics. I’m focusing my efforts on zucchini, tomato, peas, and basil this year. So far, they seem to be doing pretty well.

A day or two after the plants started sprouting, though, I got a bit sidetracked. Instead of smiling down at my sprouts with pride, I was overcome with the urge to grab my camera. The moisture drops, which had developed because of the lids on my peat-pellet trays, just looked so pretty on the leaves.

I couldn’t believe my luck in finding a sprout that had three water droplets on it, instead of the usual one or two. So I snapped a few pictures; the one above is my favourite.

How about you? Are you planting any vegetables this year?