Hoping for regrowth

Way back when COVID-19 made its way to Canada and we were sent to work form home the first time around, I made the choice to bring my work plants home with me. I could have left them in my office window, where they'd been flourishing up to that point, but I'd been worried they... Continue Reading →

A different perspective

52Frames gave us a particularly interesting challenge last week. We could shoot whatever we wanted, as long as we had somebody else edit the image before we submitted it. Different people, of course, took this in different directions. A lot of people who regularly take part in the 52Frames challenges signed up to edit each... Continue Reading →


I got a bit creative with last week's photo challenge theme. Not with the photo itself, really. It's clearly the type of photo I take fairly often. The theme last week was "Curves". I had originally wanted to go outside and find something, but it got chilly out, so that didn't happen. Instead, I chose... Continue Reading →


For a while there, winter couldn't seem to decide whether or not it wanted to visit us this year. Don't get me wrong, we all knew it would. You can't live in Saskatchewan and not have winter. It was taking a while for our usual levels of cold and snow to hit, though. But last... Continue Reading →

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