Make sure to duck

Let me tell you a little story about these duck photos. A couple of weeks ago, James and I went to visit his mom in his hometown. On the morning that she went for a run, the two of us walked her dog beside the creek that runs through town. We came across these ducks... Continue Reading →

Cute destruction

I have complicated feelings about the gophers that forage for food in my front yard. On the one hand, they're cute little things. I like watching them scamper about, playing or looking for something to eat. And how could I not look at those little paws and fluffy tails and not feel a little tug... Continue Reading →


Alright, so I wouldn't necessarily say these little critters were acting overly "wild" when I took their pictures. But they are wildlife, so that's the title I'm going with for this post. Anyway, I took these three pictures while my family was out at a cabin last weekend. I'm sure there were bigger animals around,... Continue Reading →

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