Orchid Centre

Remember that orchid I told you about back in December? I’m happy to say I’ve made some progress with it. It hasn’t exactly started growing yet, but it has stopped dying.

It’s possible the two of us have reached a stalemate, of sorts, and that we won’t go any further. I figure, though, that even a little progress is better than no progress at all, right?

Oh, and on another note: I’m utterly in love with how this picture turned out. I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted when I started shooting, but when I framed this in the viewfinder, I knew I’d found my shot. It turned out better than I could have hoped.



Orchid Petal

Plants can be such delicate little things, can’t they? I suppose that’s why I’m not very good at taking care of them. They always seem to die on me, no matter how hard I strictly I adhere to the instructions that come along with them.

Take this little orchid flower as an example. I swear, I watered it exactly as the instructions said: three ice cubes once per week. And yet, after less than three weeks, the flowers are drying up and falling off. I’ve tried moving it closer to a window now, in the hopes of giving it more sunlight. It really wasn’t getting much in its old home on the shelf above my fireplace.

So, though I’ve lost a few flowers off my delicate little plant, I’m going to keep trying to bring it back to life. Let’s hope I succeed.

Contrasting textures


Sometimes, when I don’t have something new or specific to photograph for these weekly posts, I’ll search my home for something already on hand. Like this mask, for example. I saw it hanging on my mirror, and I thought it might make for a nice, pre-Halloween celebration post.

Instead, I got distracted by the different materials that make up the mask. It’s nothing fancy. I think it cost me maybe $10 or $15 at a Halloween store a few years ago. That doesn’t make it any less pretty, though. I love how the soft feathers make a dainty flower appear so rough, and the way the sparkles on the mask manage to both set everything off while drawing your eye to them.

It’s such a beautiful contrast of colours. Can you forgive me for choosing this picture instead of one celebrating Halloween?

Adding some spring to that fall step


Who says you need to stick to warm colours during the autumn months? Not me. Sometimes, a few of those brighter spring colours are exactly what you need.

And if those bright spring colours happen to be decorating a bouquet of orchids? Well, there’s no complaining about that. Especially if those orchids come on the last day of a particularly busy week.