Book Excerpt

Book excerpt: The Name of Red, by Beena Khan

You know those people who are satisfied by themselves, no matter where they are? I'm not one of them. Yes, I love to be alone in certain situations, including at home or while running errands. But in a restaurant or bar or something along those lines? It puts me on edge, big time. That, my… Continue reading Book excerpt: The Name of Red, by Beena Khan

A German shepherd-border collie cross dog playing fetch

Five (non-technical) lessons in action shots

Do you know what type of photography I don't get to practice nearly as often as I'd like? Action shoots. Usually, my only opportunity is my family's annual street hockey game each Christmas. I've gotten somewhat okay at shooting it; I know who's most likely to move quickly, who I can most easily get an… Continue reading Five (non-technical) lessons in action shots

Cover Reveal

Cover reveal: Unwritten, by Alicia J. Novo

Clearly, I'm drawn to books. So books about books? I'm hard-pressed to resist them. How, then, could I possibly resist signing up to help reveal the cover for Alicia J. Novo's Unwritten? A novel about a young girl who whispers to books, and eventually gets pulled into a world where characters come alive. I had… Continue reading Cover reveal: Unwritten, by Alicia J. Novo