Jealousy between Cookie and Oreo

Cookie and Oreo are slowly getting along better. Oreo is a little less rough when playing with Cookie—most of the time, at least—and he now waits a little longer to chase her back into her cage on the occasions she choose to come out. As for Cookie... well, she seems to have accepted Oreo, though... Continue Reading →


I've had a hard time with the last couple of photo challenges, and thus haven't been able to take part in them. Sure, I've tried taking pictures for them. Even snapped a few. It's just that those pictures didn't actually work out the way I wanted them to. It was as I was trying to... Continue Reading →

Nap time

Now, here's a 52Frames challenge I had very little trouble with. The theme this time around was Rule of Thirds—one of the first rules any budding photographer is taught. It's one of my favourite rules, too; I use it a lot when I'm shooting. Even better, this past week's weather turned nice enough that I... Continue Reading →

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