Soft in the sun

Flower buds growing on a succulent, softly lit by sunlight.

When we were given the work-from-home instructions a couple of weeks ago, I made the decision to bring my work plants home with me, too. I was told that there would be people going in now and then who would be able to water them for me, but I didn’t want anyone to have to add one more thing to their list. Plus, having extra plants at home would add some extra greenery while stuck inside.

Now that one of my succulents is flowering, I’m particularly glad I brought them home. I have no idea how this one is flowering, since it’s super leggy and is growing roots out the side, but it is. And I’m happy for it.

The flowers on this one are a soft yellow colour. They’ve grown a little more since I took this photo last weekend, but not by much. I’ll make sure to update you if they turn into anything spectacular.

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