A white and black rabbit laying on a teal blanket.

I’ve had a hard time with the last couple of photo challenges, and thus haven’t been able to take part in them. Sure, I’ve tried taking pictures for them. Even snapped a few. It’s just that those pictures didn’t actually work out the way I wanted them to.

It was as I was trying to take a photo for last week’s challenge—which was focused on a fast shutter speed—that I managed to get a few photos of Cookie lounging in her pen. I couldn’t actually use the photos for the challenge, since they didn’t fit the theme, but I still liked how a few of them turned out.

Out of all of them, this one was my favourite. There’s just something in the way she’s holding her head that helps display the attitude I get to deal with on a near-daily basis.

Though, really, she was probably just trying to figure out what I was doing with the camera.

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