Jealousy between Cookie and Oreo

Cookie and Oreo are slowly getting along better. Oreo is a little less rough when playing with Cookie—most of the time, at least—and he now waits a little longer to chase her back into her cage on the occasions she choose to come out. As for Cookie… well, she seems to have accepted Oreo, though she still tends to growl when he gets too close.

The biggest issue we’re currently dealing with between the two of them is jealousy. We’ve noticed that if we go too long without giving Cookie as much attention as Oreo, she gets grumpy—an easy accident to fall into, as Oreo insists on sitting on our laps, while Cookie often refuses to leave her pen. And while a grumpy rabbit may not sound like much, it does make her more inclined to growl at us when we go to feed or pet her, or even nip if we happen to move too quickly.

A close-up of a white and black rabbit's nose.

The best solution is to make sure we spend plenty of time on the floor with her, where she can hop around our legs and get as many pets as she wants. The occasional photoshoot doesn’t hurt, either.

Unfortunately, all of that brings out Oreo’s jealous side. Whenever we try to give Cookie attention, he’s right in there, trying to make sure he doesn’t miss out on anything important that may happen.

It’s been a delicate balance, keeping them both happy. Little bouts of jealousy are unavoidable, I think, considering we’re only about two months in to their relationship. I’m holding out hope that they eventually get past this bump, but for now we’ll deal with it as it comes.

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