Reluctant bun

Cookie (rabbit)

Cookie makes for a great photo subject.

…when she feels like cooperating, that is. Some days, she really doesn’t want to sit still for a picture. She’d much rather sniff at the lens, or simply run the other way.

I managed to get her to sit still just long enough to snap this photo. I wouldn’t quite call it my favourite picture of her, but I do love that “Why’d you stop petting me?” look on her face.


A Cookie update


It’s been a while since I posted about my rabbit, Cookie. So I thought this week’s photo post was a good opportunity to give you an update.

Not that there’s much of an update to give. Cookie hasn’t changed much since I last posted a photo of her.

Although, she has learned a new trick, of sorts. She’s figured out how to close her pen door from the outside. She just hasn’t quite figured out how to open it up again, which means she can’t get to her food, water, or litter.

She really is too smart for own good sometimes.


When Cookie wants to be petted


…this is what she does. Usually she nudges my hand or arm first, but once she has my attention, she moves to this preferred stance.

As you can see, it’s ideal for a relaxed petting session. She’s flat to the ground, spread almost as far as she can get without kicking her feet out behind her, so that a hand can run all the way from the tip of her nose to her tail. But she keeps one ear up, allowing her to hear what’s going on.

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s adorable.