Favourite five: Photos taken in 2019

If you’ve been following my blog for the past couple of years, you may remember that, near the beginning of each year, there are a few things I like to look back on. Most relevant here are old posts, including the photos I’ve shared.

It was tough narrowing down the photos for this year’s favourite five photo list—tougher than in past years. Maybe my skills are improving, or maybe I’m just learning to like what I take a little bit more. Regardless, I found myself with plenty to choose from for this post.

I hope you like the final results as much as I do.

Books with gold-rimmed pages

I posted Golden Pages last March, when I was kicking off a photo challenge based off of colours. The colour photo challenge didn’t last as long as I’d hoped, but I’m really glad I got this picture out of it. I even added it to my Print Shop.

An orchid, the edges of its petals highlighted by sunlight and the rest in shadow.

Next up is Edges, one of my more… artistic shots. I posted this one in May, after a particularly sunny evening. It also ended up in my Print Shop (I promise not every picture in this list did), and it’s still one of my all-time favourite photos.

A couple of white, purple, and yellow orchids, backlit by the sun.

I’m pretty sure I took Brighten My Day on the same evening as Edges, but I posted it a few days after. It’s the same lighting, but it came out so very different, largely because of the angle I shot it at.

Raindrops sitting on two tree small tree leaves.

Admittedly, Dripping Wet is another photo that ended up in my Print Shop. I took and posted this one in August, when my family was taking a cabin vacation. We experienced a lot of rain on that vacation, but it made for some wonderful photos.

Curled red ribbon on a wrapped Christmas present

And finally, there’s Christmas Prep. I usually take at least one Christmas wrapping paper photo each year, and I always like them. This one, though… this one came out beautifully. I think it’s that circle of ribbon right at the bottom of the photo that does it for me.

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