Golden pages

Books with gold-rimmed pages

Some weeks, it’s a bit difficult to find photo subjects. So I’ve set myself a new little challenge: Each week, I’m going to choose a random colour (or rather, a website is going to do it for me), and I’m going to take at least one photo with a subject based on that colour. Ultimately I’m hoping I can build up to one photo per day throughout the week, but I figured I would start with something more attainable.

This week, the colour the website chose for me was gold. I didn’t want to make things too easy on myself, so I decided taking a picture of jewellery simply wouldn’t be allowed.

Luckily, after a bit of searching, I found three books with gold-edged pages. I thought they might make for a nice, different sort of gold-themed picture.

And you know what, I’m really quite happy with how the picture turned out. If I’m able to manage this sort of success with all of my colour-challenge pictures, then I think I’m going to to quite enjoy it.

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  1. I love the pictures of the books. It makes them look really stunning. You are very talented and I look forward to seeing more of your work.

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