Experimenting with fire

I don't have a very fun story to share for today's photo. I wasn't even technically reading, or sitting with the fireplace on, the evening that I took it. Though the book featured is a good one, and I do always enjoy an evening fire. No, I was just in the mood to experiment with... Continue Reading →

A method of coping

I fell out of the habit of taking part in the 52Frames photo challenge for a couple of weeks. It was a few things that caused this, really: a lack of inspiration, a lack of energy, a lack of time. Last week, though, I was determined to get back on track. In part because this... Continue Reading →


I came across my first new phrase as part of the 52Frames challenge last week: Wabi-Sabi. On the website, it's described as a "celebration of things (and people) that might have lost their original beauty, might even be viewed as imperfect, yet are still beautiful and meaningful." Coming up with a photo subject wasn't quite... Continue Reading →


Self-portraits... aren't really my thing. Part of it is that I don't have a lot of experience taking them, so I'm not sure that they turn out well, from a technical standpoint. Most of the issue, though, is that I simply don't like pictures of myself. I've never liked pictures of myself. That's why I... Continue Reading →

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