Favourite five: Photos I took in 2018

It’s been too long since I last posted a Favourite Five list. I really do want to be posting them more regularly. They just always seem to fall to the bottom of my to-do list, for some reason.

This particular list, though, is one I’ve been looking forward to sharing with you. It just… wasn’t easy to form. As I looked back through my pictures from 2018, I realized there were a lot that I really liked. Choosing only five of them took more thought than these lists normally do.

I managed to narrow it down, though, and I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I do.

A close-up of a poofy pink and white flower

I posted this first picture as a set of three back in July. I’m still not entirely sure what kind of flower it is, but I’m okay with that. I just love its colours, and the shape of its petals.

A scoop of rooibos tea

This picture of rooibos tea, posted in September, is the most recent on my list. This time, it wasn’t the subject I fell in love with (though this is one of my favourite teas), but the picture itself. It’s one of the rare ones that came out exactly as I pictured it, right down to the sharpness of the tea itself.

Yellow, white and purple orchid flowers

My orchid plant is one of my most common photo subjects. But this particular picture, posted in May, is easily my favourite. It’s super bright, super airy, and just… pretty. I love it.

A fishing rod on the edge of a dock

My reason for picking this picture, posted in July, is a little different than the others. I’m fully willing to admit that I got lucky when I took it. There wasn’t enough room for me to lie down on the dock to use my viewfinder, and I was having a hard time seeing my photo’s screen in the sunlight. But the picture came out perfectly—enough so that I have it up for sale in my Print Shop.

A white rosebud on a dark background

This last photo is, incidentally, probably my favourite on this list of five—and it’s another that I have for sale. I posted it back in August, fully in love with the focus of the flower and the swirls in the background. That’s still the case today.

A picture of a rosebud with text overlaid that says "Favourite five: Photos I took in 2018."

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