Enjoying an unidentified flower

A pink and white flower with thin petals

Confession time: I have no idea what type of flower this is. I tried to figure it out, too. I searched a few pages on Google, looking for an answer. But I just couldn’t find the right information.

I don’t have to know what kind it is to like it, though. They’re really pretty flowers, and I love their thin little petals.

Pink and white tube-like flower petals

Plus, the colours in these particular set are rather pretty. I’m not generally a big fan of pink, but there was something about the pink in these petals that I really quite liked. Maybe it’s the way it’s speckled on the white, or that it wasn’t too bright. I’m not really sure.

Then again, I suppose the exact reason why doesn’t really matter, either. What does is that I loved these flowers, and I couldn’t help taking a few pictures of them. And, clearly, I couldn’t help sharing them with you all..

A close-up of a poofy pink and white flower


2 thoughts on “Enjoying an unidentified flower

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  1. Very beautiful photography. The unidentified flower may be a spider mum or some variety of chrysanthemum…

    1. Thank you–both for the compliment and for your help in identifying the flower! I’ll take a look and see if that’s a match.

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