Catching up

Last night was one of those nights where I needed warmth, low lights, and calming tea–which is, of course, a lot of what you're seeing in that picture there. You ever have one of those nights? A night when you just need to relax, and maybe get a little bit of work done? It surprises... Continue Reading →


I have this one type of rooibos tea here at home, and I absolutely love it. It has such a wonderful effect on me; one whiff of it, and I can feel some of whatever tension I may be feeling start to ease away. Other rooibos teas have a similar effect, it just doesn't seem... Continue Reading →

Tea time

I've been making an effort to drink more tea lately. It's a little healthier than the mochas and lattes that I usually drink. Not that I've entirely given those up.


Without a doubt, chamomile is my favourite tea. It's my go-to in the evenings, especially on nights when I'm in some particular need of relaxation before bed. I've been experimenting with different flavours lately. Just plain chamomile is great, and it's usually what I ask for if I'm getting a chamomile-themed drink at a coffee... Continue Reading →

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