Those ears, though

I’ll fully admit right off the bat: I know full well these aren’t exactly great photos. Sure, there’s not necessarily anything technically wrong with them; the ISO is alright, as are the focus and exposure. But they’re not exactly visually fantastic. Not artistic or colourful or anything of that matter.

But they mean a lot.

See, we recently added two new bunnies to our household, and I’m already in love with them.

A small grey and brown rabbit.

I mean, how could you not fall in love with them? Dusty, our grey bunny, absolutely loves to be pet. He’ll come right up to you and demand them, regardless of whether he’s met you or not.

And Dottie? While she generally avoids pets, she’ll still come meet you. Hop right over you as she explores the couch.

Plus, her ears are amazing. They’d make up for any negative personality aspects on their own.

A spotted white rabbit with large ears.

It’s taking some time for them to get used to Oreo, but they’ll get there. In the meantime, we’re trying to keep them separate when we can, or keeping an eye on them when we can’t.

I think it helps, though, that it’s two rabbits against one cat—and that he’s grown up a bit. He seems a little calmer with them than he did with Cookie.

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