Writing update: June 2021

May was certainly an interesting month. Busy and stressful, but in a good sort of way.

That’s what happens when you buy a house.

Between approval processes, appointments, packing, and everything else that comes along with buying and moving, I was left with limited mental and emotional energy—not to mention time—for my writing and photography. Despite that, however, I did start to fall slowly back into my good habits, while still balancing whatever else felt right each day.

Now that we’re settling in to our new house, including a dedicated office space for both my day job and side creativity, I’m getting ready to start in on some new goals and habits. Before I tell you about them, though, let’s talk a bit about what I accomplished in May.

A cup of hot chocolate beside a notebook and pen

Manuscript WIPs

As in April, this is where I had the most success over the past month. I wrote another chapter or so of N—which has been a bit of a struggle, if I’m being honest. I can’t seem to connect with one of the main character’s story arcs anymore. That said, I did write more of that arc, and more of N in general, than I have the last few months. So I’m counting that as a good sign.

I also read more of CD than I had in a while. I’m still not all the way through it, but I am past the halfway mark now. I’m hoping I can be more consistent with this in particular task this month.

Short story work

Again, like April, I had literally no success in this area. I’ve marked some days throughout the month to specifically work on my short stories, though, so I’m hopeful that June will go better.

Which brings me to my month overall. I’m sure you’ve picked up on most of my writing goals for the month, which basically amount to general consistency. One final goal is related to this blog. While I got a little better about posting here last month, I’m still nowhere near where I was. So I’m hoping to get a little closer to posting at least once per week.

Aware, of course, that I already missed last week. Which means this will have to be a moving-forward goal, rather than a full-month goal.

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