Writing update: July 2021

June was a good month, but definitely a busy one. Between a sick rabbit, settling into our new house, a slow increase in family time with the ease of covid restrictions, and my wanting to get back to my normal writing routine, there was a lot to focus on.

Despite that, however, I’m happy to say I was able to get a fair amount of work done. Not the amount I would have completed, say, a couple of years ago, but a good amount for current-day me.

I’m starting to feel a little more on track. And since a decision I made near the beginning of July, that feeling has been getting even stronger. I’ll tell you a bit more about that at the end of this update, though.

For now, let’s talk about what I accomplished in June.

Novel-length WIPs

I’m happy to say I finished a bit more of N over this past month; not a lot, but enough that the end of this draft is in sight. There are only about five and a half chapters left to write now, and it’s all flowing a bit better than it was over the past few months. I’m hopeful that I’ll be finished this draft relatively soon.

My CD reading went well, too. I’m about two-thirds finished reading through the paper copy now, with plenty of edits to make when I go back to the electronic copy. I’m hoping to finish reading it this month, though I know that’s something I keep saying in each of these updates.

Short stories

Finally, I can say I made some progress here, too. I rewrote the ending of a story I thought I had given up on (which I guess is a reminder to just shelve things, never fully give up on them), so I’m going to see if I can submit it anywhere again. I did get good feedback on it the last couple of times I submitted it, so maybe this new ending is just what it needs to get published.

I also figured out some my timelines for the tasks I want to get done related to my short stories. I know that doesn’t sound big, but being organized like that helps me. It Ieaves me hopeful I’ll get some good work done in this area over the next little while.

So that was June (and technically the first couple days of July, I suppose). July, I think, will be a good month. I have a week off to do as I please, including write, and my goal to stay on track looks achievable.

Plus, there’s that decision I mentioned up at the top. Essentially, that’s to focus more on my writing and a little less on my photos. I’m still going to take pictures, and occasionally add to my Print Shop. I’m just giving myself permission to not feel back about not doing so super consistently, and about not promoting it very often. Writing is, after all, what makes me happiest. It makes sense that I should give it the bigger focus.

I hope you’ll continue to join me as I follow it.

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