A close-up of the buds of an orchid plant

It’s been a while since I’ve shared pictures of my little orchid plant, hasn’t it? To be honest, it’s because I haven’t really had any new pictures to share. The last bunch of flowers all fell off, and then… nothing. It was like the plant had started to die.

Then, suddenly, there was new growth. There are new roots making their way out of the pot (which makes me wonder if I should risk trying to move the plant), a whole new base stem, and new shoots off of the two original base stem.

Plus, there are these guys. New flower buds are popping up all over the place. It’s like spring on my window sill.

I love it, and I can’t wait until the flowers actually bloom again. Rest assured, you’ll see pictures of them here not long after they do.


Paper flowers

Three small, pink paper flowers

It got really cold here this week.

Well, fine, it didn’t get as cold as it could have. It didn’t hit -40 C, like it probably will later this winter. But it did drop below zero, even reaching -20 C one morning.

The cold had me craving signs of something warmer, which is probably why I was drawn to photographing these paper flowers. I don’t have any real flowers in the house right now, unfortunately. So these had to do.

Though this picture came out alright, it really isn’t the same as the real thing. I might just have to grab myself a nice bouquet this weekend.

Trying something new

A social media tracking spread in a bullet journal

Organizing and tracking my social media use, especially for blog and print shop promo, is something I’ve been trying to keep up with for a while now. I want to be more consistent on certain platforms, more active on others… all that good stuff. And a dedicated calendar and list of goals seem like a good way to do that.

I’ve had a hard time being tracking things regularly, though, and I think I figured out why.

See, I was tracking all of this in its own little book, instead of in my bullet journal. Which may not sound like a big deal, but I found that I didn’t want to keep up with two separate books. I just… tended to ignore the one.

So I’ve brought them together. I’ve created a new social media tracking spread in my bullet journal, in the hopes that it’ll help me get a better handle on things. It’s a fairly simple one, but I think simple is just want I need right now.

One little spider

A small brown house spider

I’ll say right up front that today’s picture didn’t come out quite as well as I wanted it to. It isn’t as in focus as I’d like it to be.

But, I don’t think it’s entirely terrible. Especially when you consider how much I hate spiders. I was on edge the whole time I was taking this little guy’s picture. Any time this spider moved, I jumped back.

Which is probably why I had so much trouble getting him in focus.

The only reason I was able to take this spider’s picture at all was because he was so little. Any bigger, and I would have been too nervous to even try. I managed it, though, and then I let him crawl onto a piece of cardboard and put him outside.

It was a short adventure, but at least I got some photo practice out of it.


Relax and practice

Pink bath salts

Practice makes perfect, right? That’s a total cliche, I know. It’s something I tend to tell myself fairly often, though, because I like to think that, while I may never reach “perfect”, practice can at least help me reach “fairly good.”

That’s what taking this picture was about–practicing. I wasn’t trying to tell a particular story with it, or capture something I wanted to remember, or anything else momentous. I just wanted to practice focusing on a particular area of an image. I figured the individual pieces of Epsom salt would make for a pretty good challenge in that regard.

I was right about that challenge; I had some trouble landing my focus in just the right spot to achieve the image I had in my head. In the end, though, I did a fairly decent job of it, and I’m happy with how this particular picture turned out.

So do you know what I did? I gave myself permission to take some of those bath salts and use them during some relaxation time. It was an absolutely wonderful reward.