Snowman Ornament

Alright, so I don’t think this little guy is actually supposed to be Frosty. But he’s cute, and he reminds me of Frosty. That’s good enough, right?

Whether it is or not, I’m still glad I snapped a picture of him. I saw him sitting among the branches of my Christmas tree, sparkling in the mid-morning sunlight, and I just knew he would make a great subject for this week’s photo post.

Though, I admit, his sparkles didn’t come through quite as well as I had hoped. That’s something I need to work on, but it doesn’t make me any less happy with the photo.



Orchid Petal

Plants can be such delicate little things, can’t they? I suppose that’s why I’m not very good at taking care of them. They always seem to die on me, no matter how hard I strictly I adhere to the instructions that come along with them.

Take this little orchid flower as an example. I swear, I watered it exactly as the instructions said: three ice cubes once per week. And yet, after less than three weeks, the flowers are drying up and falling off. I’ve tried moving it closer to a window now, in the hopes of giving it more sunlight. It really wasn’t getting much in its old home on the shelf above my fireplace.

So, though I’ve lost a few flowers off my delicate little plant, I’m going to keep trying to bring it back to life. Let’s hope I succeed.

On the bright side

Small, Bright, Purple Flowers

The thing about Saskatchewan winters is that they’re deceptively bright. The sky will be blue for miles, the sun will be shining… and the temperature will be somewhere around the -30 mark.

These flowers, though, aren’t deceptive in the least. When you approach their bright colours, you aren’t going to suddenly feel as thought a thousand icy knives are pricking your skin. Tears aren’t going to well in your eyes and turn into minuscule icicles hanging from your eyelashes. You aren’t going to turn into a walking snowman.

Then again, if you’re approaching these flowers outdoors, you’re also not getting the chance to build a snowman. Or go ice skating. Or watch the snow sparkle in the late afternoon sunlight. So I suppose there are some advantages to those deceptively bright Saskatchewan winters.

Oh, how I miss fall


Where did fall go? I swear, just two weeks ago, we had temperatures above zero, leaves still on trees, and that crisp, autumn scent still in the air.

Now everything is covered in snow, the temperature has dropped below -20, and I’ve nearly fallen on the ice more times than I can count.


Don’t get me wrong, I like winter, too. The snow can be really pretty, and I love cuddling up inside, in front of a fire, all wrapped up in a soft blanket. Plus, winter means Christmas baking and shopping for presents and laughing at Cookie as she hops around under the Christmas tree.

Orange Flower

All of that said, I miss fall. I miss the colours and the smell. I miss the warmer temperatures and the promise of winter still to come (but not yet here!). I miss driving past the yellow fields of crops still waiting to be harvested.

Well, there’s no sense in dwelling on what I miss, I suppose.