Make sure to duck

Two ducks resting on rocks in a creek.

Let me tell you a little story about these duck photos.

A couple of weeks ago, James and I went to visit his mom in his hometown. On the morning that she went for a run, the two of us walked her dog beside the creek that runs through town. We came across these ducks sitting, rather peacefully, on a collection of rocks in the middle of said creek.

I was suddenly extremely grateful that I’d brought not only my new camera, but also the adapter that allows me to use my older, almost-telephoto lens with it—despite the extra weight both add to my camera bag.

Four ducks resting on rocks in a creek.

So I took my first few pictures and walked away delighted.

And then I realized I might have thoroughly ruined them by forgetting to reduce my ISO after my most recent indoor shoot. A dark, dark indoor shoot, which had required a particularly high ISO.

I felt a little devastated. I expected to get home and find grainy photos; photos I wouldn’t possibly be able to share, much less use anywhere.

Four ducks resting on rocks in a creek.

Thankfully, I soon found out we had to turn around to get back to our car. By the time we passed the rocks again, I had fixed my ISO and two more ducks had joined the little part in the creek. And James, wonderful guy that he is, had no problem waiting as I took more pictures.

Even better—my new camera is, apparently, significantly better than my old one. It’s hard to tell, with a casual look, that the ISO was as high as it was.

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