A different perspective

A small green plant.

52Frames gave us a particularly interesting challenge last week. We could shoot whatever we wanted, as long as we had somebody else edit the image before we submitted it.

Different people, of course, took this in different directions. A lot of people who regularly take part in the 52Frames challenges signed up to edit each others’ photos. Others, like me, chose to go with something a little more personal. I asked my boyfriend, James, to edit mine for me.

You see, I thought it would be interesting to see the differences in how we each view a photo. To see the potential we each brought out in it, and the differences in our creative slants.

And there really is quite a difference. I’ve shared both images with you today—James’ at the top of this post, and mine at the bottom. I won’t ask you to pick a favourite, though; I’m having enough trouble doing that myself.

A small, green plant.

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