Hopped up

Two white and brown jack rabbits, sleeping on snow near trees and a fence.

Actually, these rabbits were the opposite of “hopped up”. They were rather relaxed; some even slept through me taking their photo.

Not only did their sleeping-through my photo-taking surprise me, so did how close they let me get. Sure, we have a lot of rabbits in my city, and, sure, they’re used to cars and people being around. They usually hop away long before people get close, though. And while I was using my telephoto lens so I could keep some distance, I was still able to get a lot nearer to them than I expected.

Maybe it was their numbers that made them feel safer than usual. I think there were somewhere between five and eight of them.

You’d think I would be more sure of the number but, well, some of them were a bit difficult to see, what with that camouflaged fur and all.

Regardless of the number, I’m quite happy to have come across them last week. I don’t get that sort of photo opportunity very often.

4 thoughts on “Hopped up

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    1. Thank you! The rabbits are brown for most of the year; they only turn white once we get snow. But they’re pretty cute either way.

      The grey ones where you live sound cute, too! It’s too bad they won’t let you get closer.

    1. Thanks! The type of lens I used helps it look closer than I was, but it was still a lot closer than I expected to get.

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