Framing the world

Deciding how to compose a subject in a photo is one of my favourite parts of photography. It can make such a big difference in how your subject is viewed—literally and emotionally. When people talk about setting up a photo, one of the first methods they tend to discuss is the rule of thirds. It's... Continue Reading →

Cute destruction

I have complicated feelings about the gophers that forage for food in my front yard. On the one hand, they're cute little things. I like watching them scamper about, playing or looking for something to eat. And how could I not look at those little paws and fluffy tails and not feel a little tug... Continue Reading →

Taking flight

Wildlife is a lot of fun to photograph, but it can be tough to find it when you spend a lot of time in the city. Luckily, we have some wonderful parks in mine. They're fairly open, with quite a bit of water. You won't find a ton of wildlife in them, but you will... Continue Reading →

Nap time

Now, here's a 52Frames challenge I had very little trouble with. The theme this time around was Rule of Thirds—one of the first rules any budding photographer is taught. It's one of my favourite rules, too; I use it a lot when I'm shooting. Even better, this past week's weather turned nice enough that I... Continue Reading →

Hopped up

Actually, these rabbits were the opposite of "hopped up". They were rather relaxed; some even slept through me taking their photo. Not only did their sleeping-through my photo-taking surprise me, so did how close they let me get. Sure, we have a lot of rabbits in my city, and, sure, they're used to cars and... Continue Reading →

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