Sticking to it

The blades of three used hockey sticks.

I’d like to start this post off by telling you how many years my family has been playing street hockey on Christmas day, but I honestly can’t remember anymore. I know I’ve been taking pictures of the game for the past four or five years, though, and they’ve been playing for a fair number more than that.

Most of why I don’t play is my complete lack of skill, but I also tend to sit it out because of risk of injury. As much as my family loves each other, they’re also rather competitive. They really don’t mean for anyone to get hurt, but, well, it tends to happen.

I think this year was the first time in quite a while that it didn’t.

That doesn’t stop me from going outside for part of the game, though. I don’t play, but I try to capture at least a few good photographs.

Of the ones I got this year, this one of three of the hockey sticks was my favourite. I can’t put my finger on why, though. There’s just something about it that I enjoy.

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