Sticking to it

I'd like to start this post off by telling you how many years my family has been playing street hockey on Christmas day, but I honestly can't remember anymore. I know I've been taking pictures of the game for the past four or five years, though, and they've been playing for a fair number more... Continue Reading →

Christmas traditions

My family has its share of Christmas traditions. Some of them have changed a bit over the years, as my family has grown and aged. Others, however, have remained the same for as long as I can remember. This bear ornament is one of them. It's made of glass, painted gold and red. The paint... Continue Reading →

Scoring that goal

Just to be clear, I didn't score any goals. Mostly because I didn't play. Other people in my family did, though. Like they do every year, my family took part in an enthusiastic game of street hockey on Christmas Day. I, meanwhile, took pictures of them. There are a couple of reasons for me taking... Continue Reading →


This weekend, take some time to remember. Remember the happy times. When you laughed so hard tears sprung to your eyes and you had to hold your ribs because they hurt so much. When your cheeks turned red from smiling. When you thought they would never end. Remember the seemingly inconsequential moments. The little things,... Continue Reading →

Fishing for luck

To be honest, I don't fish. I did a bit when I was younger--just off of the dock occasionally when my family would go camping. I didn't even have my own rod or anything; I would just borrow someone else's, usually my dad's. My brother, on the other hand, loves fishing. He and my sister-in-law... Continue Reading →

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