A Q&A with Vanessa Morgan, editor of Strange Blood

If you're no stranger to my blog, then you may remember when I helped reveal the cover of Strange Blood, an anthology of essays on vampire movies, edited by Vanessa Morgan. I've also had Vanessa on the blog before, to talk to her a bit about one of her novels, Clowders. I'm happy to have… Continue reading A Q&A with Vanessa Morgan, editor of Strange Blood

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Monthly Updates

Monthly update: March 2019

Want to know something? It really doesn't feel like March. I'm not just talking about the weather--which, by the way, is still hovering in harsh, make-your-face-hurt-from-the-cold area of the thermometer many days. No, I just mean in general. February passed really quickly, and I don't quite feel like I have my bearings on the month… Continue reading Monthly update: March 2019