Writing update: February 2021

Oh, February. I wasn’t expecting you to get here quite so soon. I needed a bit more of January, if only to feel like I accomplished a little more within the month.

That’s not to say I didn’t accomplish anything. It just wasn’t quite as successful a month as I was hoping for.

Still, I’m trying to consider it a good start to the year. It had it’s rough spots, particularly near the end of the month, but it also had a few really good points. Thankfully, my writing progress marks the greatest example of those good points.

Let’s talk a bit about it, shall we?

Novel-length WIPs

Here, as usual, is where I made the most progress with my writing. I’m happy to say I worked on N every weekend in January, usually getting around 2,000 words written per week. I’m hoping to move that up to about 3,000 words per week in February, but I’ll have to see how my energy levels hold up.

In less-good news, I didn’t get any querying done. Which is a bad start to my 2021 query goal, I know, but I am keeping the goal in mind. I’m hoping to remedy the situation this coming month.

Short stories

I didn’t get full short story edits done in January, but that isn’t to say I didn’t do any work. I did a bit of looking for some submission opportunities, and found an anthology I want to submit to. It’ll mean writing a new short story, but that’s alright. I already have a bit of a start on it, based on a sort of opening I played around with a couple of months ago.

I’m optimistic I’ll at least get a decent new piece to work with, even if I don’t get accepted into the anthology.

To sum it up…

Yes, I could have done more in January. But I also could have done a lot worse, and have in recent months. So I’m pushing myself to call it a good, productive month.

How did your start to 2021 go?

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