Brightening things up

Writing is easily my number one creative outlet, and photography is my second. But here's the thing: Every once in a while, I crave a little something different. I think everyone does. Or nearly everyone. It's human nature to want to mix things up a little bit. Last weekend, I did that by painting a... Continue Reading →

Monthly update: March 2019

Want to know something? It really doesn't feel like March. I'm not just talking about the weather--which, by the way, is still hovering in harsh, make-your-face-hurt-from-the-cold area of the thermometer many days. No, I just mean in general. February passed really quickly, and I don't quite feel like I have my bearings on the month... Continue Reading →

Monthly update: February 2019

And it's... mid-February. How did that happen? It's probably needless to say, but January was a busy month. Much busier than I'd anticipated, and (though it's inconsequential to this post) much colder. It all left me a bit exhausted, if I'm being honest. That said, I did manage to get a decent amount of work... Continue Reading →

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