Writing update: March 2021

I really shouldn’t be surprised that February rushed by. I mean, the month is shorter than all of the others.

Somehow, though, I’m still left wondering where it went. What happened to the days I wanted to spend writing? The photo walks I wanted to take? The goals I wanted to accomplish, the time I wanted to spend with my family, the countless other things I wanted to do but didn’t quite manage?

Ah, well. I suppose there’s little use in dwelling on those. Take a few of them and make them new goals, sure, but otherwise it’s best to focus on what I did get done. February wasn’t all bad, after all. Thanks to some productive weekend time and a full week off, I did manage to accomplish some of what I set out to during the month.

Novel-length WIPs

While I didn’t make nearly as much progress as I was hoping in February, I did get some decent writing done on N. Much of this happened during my week off, but I did manage a little throughout the rest of the month. A very little, sure, but still. I now have less than ten chapters left to write, and I’ve officially reached the halfway point in my wordcount goal. Though I’m fairly certain I’m not going to reach the wordcount I was originally hoping to.

As for querying, well, I didn’t send any again. I did, however, reach a decision. While I’d originally been planning to start the year by querying BC, I’ve decided to put that plan on hold. I’ve given it some thought, and taken another look at things, and I’m not sure the market is right for BC right now. CD, I think, would do better. I need to give that one another read and one more revision, but I think it’s in decent shape. So I’m making the read-through a goal for March, and the revision, I hope, a goal for April.

Wish me luck with that.

Short stories

Here’s where I rather utterly failed. I had good intentions to work on two short stories throughout February, but I didn’t quite get started on either. My hopes are high again for March, though, so we’ll see if I do a bit better.

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