Daisy, daisy

A close-up of a purple daisy, with pollen on its petals.

Sometimes I don’t get to shoot exactly what I’d like to for the photo challenges I take part in. And, no, I don’t mean I don’t want to take part in the themes; I haven’t really disliked any of them so far. I’ve found some really tough, yes, sometimes to the point where I haven’t been able to find a subject, but I haven’t disliked them.

What I mean is that sometimes I see a theme and know exactly what I want to shoot. Last week, for example, the theme was “50 feet from home.” The first two subjects to come to my mind were gophers and birds.

The only problem: they went into hiding any time I was able to go out with my camera, leaving me forced to pick a different subject. Being me, I chose my flowers.

While I wasn’t entirely happy with any of the resulting pictures, I did like the way this daisy came out. The angle turned out kind of cool, and the pollen pops nicely against the purple petals. All of which means I’m happy enough to share it with you today.

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