A Q&A with Brandy Woods Snow, author of Meant To Be Broken

I love when I get to feature books and authors here twice. Back in May, I helped to reveal the cover of Brandy Woods Snow’s Meant To Be Broken. Today, I’m happy to be welcoming Brandy and her novel back to the blog–this time for a Q&A post.

Q&As are a wonderful way of getting to know an author and their book, and I just know you’re going to enjoy Brandy’s answers. She talks a bit today about a lot of different things, including her favourite under-appreciated novel, what draws her to write young adult novels, and what she would tell her younger writing self.

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Monthly update: July 2018

Happy Canada Day, everyone! And, in a few days, Happy Fourth of July to my American visitors!

I don’t know about you, but I’m happy to say my June didn’t speed by quite as quickly as the months before it did. It still passed more quickly than I would have liked, but I was able to take some time to slow down and enjoy it.

And, of course, I was able to take some time to work toward accomplishing my goals for the month. Now that it’s July, it’s time to look back on them and set some new ones.

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Off the dock

A dock and lake set against an evening sky

Are you ready for some lake pictures? Because, to be honest, that’s what you’re going to be getting for the next few weeks. That’s what happens after I spend a few days away in a rather picturesque location.

I’m going to at least try to theme these picture posts for you. This week, for example, features the dock that was out behind the cabin we rented. They’re a bit similar in nature, true, but hopefully they’re different enough that you enjoy them anyway.

Oh, and I should probably mention where these were taken, huh? This was out at Wakaw, Saskatchewan. It was a small lake, but a beautiful location all the same. If you ever get the chance to visit, I’d definitely recommend it.

In the meantime, I hope you take a few minutes to enjoy the view I’m able to bring you with my pictures.

A dock on a peaceful lake

A dock on a lake at sunset
A dock on a peaceful lake at twilight


Book excerpt: Go Home, Afton, by Brent Jones

Sometimes, all it takes to get hooked on a book is a short little excerpt. You read just a few sentences from one of the first chapters, and you’re left wanting to devour the entire book.

Today, I have exactly that sort of excerpt for you. This excerpt fromĀ Go Home, Afton, by Brent Jones, may be short, but it proves that the book deserves to be in the thriller genre. It’s tense, and hints strongly at what’s to come in the rest of the novel.

Before you check it out, though, take a moment to enter Brent’s rafflecopter, where he’s giving away ten ebook copies of Go Home, Afton.

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Bunny in a basket

A rabbit sitting cozily in a basket with a blanket

My family spent last weekend out at the lake, and, to make things a little easier on everyone back home (maybe not so much on us), we took Cookie along with us.

I’m surprised at how well she did, to be honest. She was a little stressed on the car ride up, but I can’t blame her for that. It was three and a half hours in her carrier, and she’s not used to that. She relaxed pretty quickly once we got to the cabin, though, and made herself a cozy little bed inside her basket.

She spent a good chunk of the weekend in that basket. And she looked so adorable in it, that I couldn’t help snapping a couple of pictures. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

A cozy, but alert, rabbit sitting in a basket with a blanket