My continuing love of macro photography

I don’t know exactly when my love of macro photography started. I remember trying to get close-up photos of flowers and other things around the house using my old point-and-shoot digital cameras when I was younger, then later having slightly more success with the 18-70 lens that came with my first DSLR.

Then I got my first real macro lens (well, my only real macro lens). It was a Christmas present, back in 2014.

A close-up of a white flower.

I fell in love immediately. Finally I could properly capture the images in my head–the small details in a flower’s petal, the bursts of colour on a Christmas ornament, the sparkling light on a piece of jewellery. I could bring it all to life within a photo’s frame, or pick out a small portion to focus on while blurring out the rest.

There is, of course, a challenge in all of that. Not only in capturing the image in my head, but in capturing it properly. But that only adds to my love of this area of photography.

A close-up of small white and blue flowers.

After all, how can you not love a challenge whose end results are so beautiful?

A close-up of roses and other small flowers.

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