Experimenting with fire

I don’t have a very fun story to share for today’s photo. I wasn’t even technically reading, or sitting with the fireplace on, the evening that I took it. Though the book featured is a good one, and I do always enjoy an evening fire.

A book open in front of a lit fire.

No, I was just in the mood to experiment with my camera a bit. I had a particular image in my mind, and I managed to almost capture it in this photo.

There are really just a couple of things that I wish I could have done a little better. I would have preferred to get my focal point a little more balanced, so that the text were a little sharper. And I would have liked to have found a way to set the book on something steady, so I didn’t have to turn my ISO up as much.

But I do like the warmth of the image, and the framing came out just as I’d hoped it would. So overall, I would consider this experiment a success.

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