Leading lady

A white and black rabbit in front of cuboards.

I ran into a slight problem with last week’s photo challenge. I was supposed to find a leading lines photo—you know, a photo featuring lines that lead the viewers’ eyes toward a subject? Well, everything I could think of was outside. Pretty frost along telephone wires, tracks in the snow, roads, paths… all outside.

And then our temperatures decided to hit wind chills between -30 and -50 celsius.

Suddenly I felt stuck. Stuck inside, stuck mentally, stuck creatively. I didn’t want to be out in that cold looking for decent photos, and I didn’t know how well my camera battery would hold up.

Improvising with an indoor picture was my second-best option. I flipped through a bunch of different ideas in my head, but nothing seemed to work. What I kept coming back to, though, were the lines in my hardwood floor and Cookie. And then I spotted my cupboards, and this photo came together.

I don’t think Cookie was too happy with the whole thing, to be honest. She kept slipping her way back to me, ready to be off that terrible hardwood floor. I did feel bad about it, and only made her put up with it for about five minutes before taking her back to her comfort zone.

So while this isn’t exactly the leading lines photo I was originally planning on, it is one I’m okay with. And another picture of Cookie is never a bad thing.

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