Scoring that goal

A young kid and two adults playing street hockey

Just to be clear, I didn’t score any goals. Mostly because I didn’t play. Other people in my family did, though.

Like they do every year, my family took part in an enthusiastic game of street hockey on Christmas Day. I, meanwhile, took pictures of them. There are a couple of reasons for me taking pictures instead of taking part, not least of which is, quite simply, because I’m terrible at hockey.

I am, however, somewhat decent at taking pictures of the game. And since it was rather nice out this year, I was able to stay outside long enough to get more pictures than usual this year. I hope you enjoy these highlights as much as I do!

Three men lined up to get a puck

Four people circling a hockey puck

Two players trying to beat each other to a hockey puck

A hockey player taking a puck into a group of other players

Two players fighting over a hockey puck

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