Daisy, daisy

Sometimes I don't get to shoot exactly what I'd like to for the photo challenges I take part in. And, no, I don't mean I don't want to take part in the themes; I haven't really disliked any of them so far. I've found some really tough, yes, sometimes to the point where I haven't... Continue Reading →

Hopped up

Actually, these rabbits were the opposite of "hopped up". They were rather relaxed; some even slept through me taking their photo. Not only did their sleeping-through my photo-taking surprise me, so did how close they let me get. Sure, we have a lot of rabbits in my city, and, sure, they're used to cars and... Continue Reading →

Duck and cover

We've been having some really nice weather here for the past week or so. I mean, we're still getting frost most mornings, but the daytime temperatures have been pretty good. That coincided well with my colour-of-the-week from last week. I ended up with brown, and, well, there's a whole lot of brown outside right now.... Continue Reading →

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