A gold-coloured cruise ship urn

This weekend, take some time to remember.

Remember the happy times. When you laughed so hard tears sprung to your eyes and you had to hold your ribs because they hurt so much. When your cheeks turned red from smiling. When you thought they would never end.

Remember the seemingly inconsequential moments. The little things, like a smile, a hug, a stupid little joke. Moments that don’t necessarily mean anything to you, but could mean the world to somebody else.

Remember how much love there is in your life. How warm your heart feels when you think about particular people. That comforting feeling in your stomach when you’re with them again after you or they have been away for awhile. How much those people love you in return.

Remember that one day, as sad and hard as it is to think about, remembering is all you can do. Just remember and miss and love what you had.

That’s what I’m doing this weekend, as I remember my dad. Monday marks two years since he passed away. And those happy times, those seemingly inconsequential moments? They’re some of my favourite memories.

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