I've had a hard time with the last couple of photo challenges, and thus haven't been able to take part in them. Sure, I've tried taking pictures for them. Even snapped a few. It's just that those pictures didn't actually work out the way I wanted them to. It was as I was trying to... Continue Reading →

Leading lady

I ran into a slight problem with last week's photo challenge. I was supposed to find a leading lines photo—you know, a photo featuring lines that lead the viewers' eyes toward a subject? Well, everything I could think of was outside. Pretty frost along telephone wires, tracks in the snow, roads, paths... all outside. And... Continue Reading →

Bright blue

Did you know Cookie's eyes are two different colours? One is a pretty bright blue, and the other is a rather wonderful brown. Even better, each eye has a small section of the opposite eye's colour in it. It's a bit difficult to see that in this picture, but you there is a bit of... Continue Reading →

A rare occurrence

This week's photo post isn't about being fancy or anything. It's not even about my colour challenge. This post is simply about Cookie. See, she doesn't sit this still for a photo very often. Usually it's a bit difficult to get one where she's sitting this nicely—at the very least, it takes a fair amount... Continue Reading →

Saying hello

Today's picture of Cookie happened when I was playing with the auto-focus on my camera last weekend. It was just too cute not to post.

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