Bunny ears

Alright, so I know this isn't one of my best pictures. I mean, Cookie's back takes up a good portion of it. You know what, though? I kind of love it anyway. Just look at those little ears! They're adorable, don't you think? I particularly love the way one of them is pointed toward me... Continue Reading →

A lump of a bun

Cookie's shedding right now, and it makes her look a little... off. Her coat is uneven, though that's gotten a little better over the past few days. Still, when you combine that with the way she was sitting in this photo–her hips all askew and her head off-centre–it's hard to not compare her to a... Continue Reading →

Bunny in a basket

My family spent last weekend out at the lake, and, to make things a little easier on everyone back home (maybe not so much on us), we took Cookie along with us. I'm surprised at how well she did, to be honest. She was a little stressed on the car ride up, but I can't... Continue Reading →

Getting Cookie to eat more hay

Cookie hasn't been entirely happy with me lately. Did you know that a rabbit's diet is supposed to be made up mostly of hay? She and I both do, but she doesn't like the fact. She prefers eating her pellets and greens. And her treats, of course. Over the past couple of years, I've slowly... Continue Reading →

In hiding

Some days, Cookie really doesn't want to come out of hiding. I did manage to get her to come out of her little box-house the day I took this picture, but it took a lot of coaxing with banana treats. And this was still the best picture I managed to take. Not that I can... Continue Reading →

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