It's a long weekend here in Canada—Thanksgiving weekend. In between all of my turkey-eating (I have two nights' worth planned this year), I plan to re-calibrate my focus on certain tasks. My writing is going to be a big one. I've slowly been getting back to where I was a couple of months ago, in... Continue Reading →

Golden pages

Some weeks, it's a bit difficult to find photo subjects. So I've set myself a new little challenge: Each week, I'm going to choose a random colour (or rather, a website is going to do it for me), and I'm going to take at least one photo with a subject based on that colour. Ultimately... Continue Reading →

Literary things

What book lover doesn't love literary things? Ones that aren't actual books, that is. That said, I don't own too many of them yet. There's this Alice in Wonderland necklace, a couple of book-quote coffee mugs, and a Pride and Prejudice shirt. And, though I'd like it to grow, I love each piece of my... Continue Reading →

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