Starry nights

Living in the city provides a lot of wonderful photo opportunities, but it does have some photography drawbacks. I’ve talked in the past about how it can make it difficult to find wildlife, but it hit me recently that there’s another subject that isn’t always easy to capture: a starry night sky.

A couple of weeks ago, 52Frames issued a night photography challenge, with astrophotography being the extra credit. I have limited experience with night photography, and even less with astrophotography, so I was naturally intrigued. And determined to capture some stars.

Except the few nights I had enough energy to stay up late, there were no stars to be seen.

Admittedly, part of the problem is that we seem to have had a lot of cloudy nights lately, so it’s entirely possible my city’s nights would be more photogenic at other times. But I did have some trouble, and I have a feeling excess light was at least part of the problem.

So I missed the 52Frames deadline, but I was lucky enough to get a second shot last weekend. I went camping with my family and boyfriend, and our first evening out was particularly clear. So James and I went down to the lake once it was dark and, well, you can see the result up top there.

While I still have a fair bit to learn about astrophotography, I’m fairly happy with how this came out. Hopefully, though, I’ll have more opportunities to practice in the near future.

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