Fall colours

When James asked what I wanted to do for my birthday a couple of weeks ago, I wasn't quite sure, at first, how to answer. We already had supper figured out: we'd be meeting my family at my mom's and picking dinner up to eat there. It was the rest of the day that was... Continue Reading →

Starry nights

Living in the city provides a lot of wonderful photo opportunities, but it does have some photography drawbacks. I've talked in the past about how it can make it difficult to find wildlife, but it hit me recently that there's another subject that isn't always easy to capture: a starry night sky. A couple of... Continue Reading →


I mentioned in my last post that I'd likely be back soon with some landscape photos. I turned out to be slightly wrong about that; I actually only have one to share with you. And, to be honest, I don't know why I like this photo so much. There's nothing spectacular about it. Even from... Continue Reading →

Natural beauty

Well, guys, this is the last of my cabin-related photo posts. You'll be getting something a little different next week. To be honest, while I like these three pictures, they're my least favourite of the batch. I think that's why I saved them for today--a part of me was putting them off. That said, I... Continue Reading →

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