A wonderful pair

Brownies next to a knife and glass of milk.

Who doesn’t want a cold glass of milk when they’re eating a brownie? All that soft, chocolaty goodness… a glass of milk is the perfect way to balance it out.

And the pairing was the perfect answer to last week’s 52Frames photo challenge.

The challenge was, if you haven’t picked up on it yet, to photograph a pair of some sort. I had a lot of trouble with this one; I couldn’t picture a pair of anything that would be interesting enough to photograph. Or, I should say, that I could set up interestingly enough to photograph.

I wanted to bake, though. I’d had the urge for days, and a request was put in for brownies. As I was figuring out which ingredients I had on hand versus which I needed to buy, I realized that they could be my challenge subject, if I paired them with the right partner.

Milk immediately came to mind.

So that’s what I ended up with this week. True, the glass of milk could have been a little more in focus, but overall I’m okay with the picture.

Oh, and the brownies were delicious. So it was all worth it, regardless of how the picture turned out.

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