A baby during a cake smash photo shoot.

Last week, I did something I don’t do very often: shot a cake smash. I don’t do portrait-type photo shoots at all, actually.

I’ve only done a few cake smashes, and I’m not sure how great they’ve turned out. Sure, I get a bit better at them each time, but the shots I get likely aren’t as good as the ones that you’d get if you hired a more professional photographer.

Regardless, I did get some I’m happy with in this photoshoot. This one, in particular, jumped out at me; I was even able to use it for last week’s 52Frames challenge, Fill the Frame. I probably should have brightened it a little bit more before submitting it (I was in a bit of a rush), but I’ll make sure to edit it a bit more before giving it to the baby’s mother.

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