A red tomato and an orange tomato, freshly picked from a garden.

I’m slowly but surely getting to harvest little bits of my garden. Strawberries have been coming in one by one for a month or two now, and I’ve picked three tomatoes over the past couple of weeks. (Well, two tomatoes; one just fell off the plant before it was actually ripe.)

More tomatoes will follow soon, but… I’m not sure about much else. My melon plant has gotten fairly big, but all that seems to be growing on it is flowers. My zucchini plants look like they’re occasionally sprouting tiny zucchinis, but they never seem to go anywhere. And my squash plant? Well, it’s half dead, so I don’t know that it’s going to do much of anything anymore.

All of that said, I’m still holding out hope that I’ll be able to harvest more than strawberries and tomatoes this year. So keep your fingers crossed for me, okay?

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