It’s been a while

A plate full of Bailey's Mocha Cheesecake Tarts.

Up until last weekend, I hadn’t baked in, oh, three months, maybe? I don’t know why I stayed away from it for so long; maybe it was a lack of time, maybe it was the same burn-out that affected my writing, or maybe it was something else entirely.

Regardless, I dove back into it over the Canada Day long weekend with these Mini Bailey’s Irish Cream Mocha Cheesecake Tarts (via a recipe from Sweet ReciPEAS). And I loved how they turned out: Chocolaty, with a spike of Irish cream in both the base and the whipped cream. You should definitely check them out.

Admittedly, my picture didn’t turn out quite as well. The spot that I wanted isn’t fully in focus, and it’s not framed quite as well as I’d like. But I wanted to show it to you anyway, partly to bring attention to the tarts and partly because I’m trying to be okay with showing you the occasional not-great photo. I figure it helps make me better, in the end.

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