In the spirit of giving

A reindeer tag on a present

I’m not a religious person, so Christmas, for me, is about the time I spend with my family and friends. And during that time, many of us exchange presents.

Setting aside the reactions the presents get–be they joy or humour, hopefully not disgust–I also happen to really enjoy wrapping the gifts. I’m not entirely sure why. There’s nothing profound in it or anything. You’re just taking a box, wrapping it in paper, and adding some decorations to it. And people are just going to tear everything apart a few minutes after receiving them, despite how much they may enjoy what you’ve done.

Yet, I still really enjoy it. I like making gifts look pretty by adding a bit of ribbon and sparkle. It just adds to my Christmas spirit, somehow, and makes me feel like maybe I’m giving just a little bit more than the gift itself.

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