My challenge for an auto-focus slump

A close-up of a Unicorn tea infuser

Every once in a while, I feel like I’m relying on the auto-focus in my camera a little too much. I don’t like that feeling.

Do you know what I like to do to fix it? I pick out a white–or mostly white–object and practice shooting it in manual focus mode. I find monotone objects, white in particular, challenging to focus on. Once I get the hang of focusing on that object, I’m more likely to do it with my other photo subjects again, too.

Maybe that’s the same thing other photographers do, or maybe it’s the complete opposite. I’m honestly not sure. I just know it’s something that works for me.

Admittedly, this chubby little unicorn isn’t quite as in focus as I’d like him to be. I still need to practice on him, and maybe some other objects, more over the next little while. But I’ll get there again.

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